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Cut the dramatics and grow dramatically, shed your skin and breathe;

Exhale without sound, silently your breath escapes, and skin rolls away;

Take flight and leave town, Clowning around never suits you like the present;

Keep your eyes ahead, overshoulder is your past, lost in the rearview;

Remembering roots, tears downpour over your cheeks beautifully.



Published by AllThingsScire

I moved west after growing tiresome of the sea level life I was raised in. I have a beautiful Italian family, the one that hosts homemade pasta night on random Sundays out of the month. Where the sauce is made in the kitchen from the tomatoes handpicked out of the lot in the fresh market. I don't know if my blog will entertain some, it may motivate others, or lack dynamic to a few, but everyone is a critic and I am my harshest, so lately the new attitude is: I'm just a man doing the best I can with what I've got.

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